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Tax Relief for Georgians


At the end of 2009, Georgia’s economy lagged in many areas. Georgia’s budget hovered near $18 billion and our state’s reserve funds were down near only $100 million. Nine years later, and Georgia’s economy is in great shape, with a budget at a record $26 billion and a rainy day fund that now totals almost $2.5 billion. Georgia’s government consists of conservative leaders whose priorities are geared towards you. Now, the state is ready to pass on the rewards of this careful stewardship of your tax dollars back to you.


On Wednesday, under the leadership and guidance of Governor Deal, Lt. Governor Cagle and House Speaker Ralston, the General Assembly passed, with bipartisan support, the single largest income tax break since 1937 and the biggest corporate income tax break since 1969. House Bill 918 would update Georgia’s Income Tax Code by substantially lowering the top income tax rate for individuals and corporations from six percent to 5.75 percent by 2019 and to 5.5 percent by 2020. It also doubles the standard deduction for filers of all statuses. To break it down even further, a family of four with $30,000 in annual household income would pay 32 percent less in taxes. These same tax savings will be seen across the board for families of all income levels.   

Over the next five years, House Bill 918 will be responsible for bringing more than $5 billion in tax relief to Georgians. This includes an individual income tax cut that totals $1 billion more than the projected amount from the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump. This adds up to a massive tax relief for our district when you account for both the state and federal tax cuts.

This bill passed both the Senate and the House this week and was signed by the governor on Friday. I could not be more proud of the leadership of this state for passing this historic tax cut that will be especially beneficial to middle class families. After years of careful planning and responsible budgeting, the state is now giving back to those hard-working Georgians who have contributed to the strength of our economy. I am thankful for the leadership in the executive and legislative branches for seeing this through and I am glad to see the bill officially signed into law, allowing Georgians to reap the benefits for years to come.