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GASenatePress The Study Comm on Utilization & Modernization of the State Capitol & Other Buildings has adjourned #gapol #gasenate
04:05PM Oct 20
GASenatePress Stdy Comm on Utilization & Modern of Capitol & Other Buildings is hearing from Ms. Turner w/ @lordaecksargent on Capitol improvements
03:17PM Oct 20
GASenatePress @GASenatePress wishes Sen. Bill Heath a happy birthday! #gapol #gasenate pic.twi...
12:30PM Oct 20
GASenatePress 1st Mtg of the Senate Stdy Cmte on the Utilization and Modernization of the State Capitol and Other Buildings READ: ow.ly/S...
04:08PM Oct 19
Harper4Georgia Terribly saddened by the news out of Las Vegas this morning. Completely shocking as I try and wrap my brain... fb.me/2...
12:16PM Oct 02
Harper4Georgia Great article highlighting continued success in Coffee County, which I am proud to serve in the state Senate!... fb.me/1...
11:42AM Sep 21
Harper4Georgia I was recently honored by the Peace Officers Association of Georgia with an Associate Life Membership. I was... fb.me/8...
12:11PM Sep 20
GAassemblytweet Honest hard work, sweat, laughter, even a homemade ice tea. Good for the soul on a weekend. Agree?
07:56PM Jun 11
GAassemblytweet Working in the yard this Sunday to Old Dominion. Catch the lyrics when you get a chance. twitter...
07:55PM Jun 11
GAassemblytweet Hope he doesn't get a big head over it. twitter...
12:16AM Jun 02

News & Updates

  • Lt. Governor Cagle to Host Health Care Reform Task Force Meeting

    ATLANTA, June 30, 2017 – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, along with Sens. Renee Unterman, Dean Burke, Chuck Hufstetler, Ben Watson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Jack Hill and Doc Rhett, will hold a meeting of Georgia’s Health Care Reform Task Force on MONDAY, July 10, 2017 at 10 a.m. at Tift Medical Center. Members will hear an overview of the challenges facing our state’s health care system and discuss innovative reforms to advance Georgia as a national leader in delivering patient-centered health care.

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  • Update from Sen. Harper

    It has been just over two months since the 2017 legislative session of the General Assembly came to a close. Although we adjourned for the year, there is still much work that needs to be handled prior to next session.


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