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Session Updates

  • Georgia General Assembly has Officially Adjourned Sine Die -3/25/14

       The 2014 Session of the Georgia General Assembly has officially adjourned Sine Die, meaning we have concluded our 40 day Legislative Session for the year.  We accomplished many great things for Georgians and the 7th District this session, including a balanced budget,  additional funding for educational institutions right here in South East Georgia and Second Amendment protections, to name a few.

      On the last day of the 2013 legislative session, a bill that would have substantially protected and enforced the Second Amendment rights of all Georgians failed to receive final legislative approval in the late night hours. Supporters of that bill, including myself, were extremely disappointed in the outcome, but we committed ourselves to making sure a stronger Second Amendment protection bill was brought back in 2014. This year, once again on the last day of the legislative session, a measure to reinforce the right to lawfully carry a weapon once again came up for a vote in the Georgia General Assembly. However, this year was different, and the Georgia General Assembly got it right. In the late night hours, both legislative chambers approved HB 60, a comprehensive weapons carry bill that is now waiting for the Governor’s signature. This is a huge step forward in our efforts to expand 2nd Amendment rights in Georgia.

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  • 2014 Legislative Update - 3/14/2014

    The Georgia General Assembly is approaching the very last days of the 2014 Legislative Session. Although many people simply refer to the last day as Day 40, it is also known as Sine Die. The last day of the legislative session can be very long, but it is also full of tradition.

    During the remaining two days of session – and in some cases, the last few hours of session – bills that will significantly impact Georgians statewide will be debated and adopted in both Chambers. While there is a sense of urgency to pass bills prior to the 40 day deadline, it is extremely important to ensure bills are not rushed through the process or result in any unintended consequences.