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GASenatePress #GaJudCmte will take no action on SB 86 today and adjourns. #gapol
12:18AM Feb 22
GASenatePress SB 443 receives do pass as amended recommendation from #GaJudCmte . Now hearing SB 86 sponsored by @Stone4GASenate which would protect debtors from deficiency judgments after below market foreclosure sales. #gapol
11:07PM Feb 21
GASenatePress #GaJudCmte recommends do pass as amended for SB 452. Now hearing SB 443, sponsored by @Stone4GASenate , which would clarify the process of landlords assessing damages to property
10:57PM Feb 21
GASenatePress #GaJudCmte recommends do pass for SB 407 as amended. #gapol
09:58PM Feb 21
Harper4Georgia It was great hosting the Georgia Forestry Commission's North and South Georgia Units and District of the Year... fb.me/9...
09:10PM Feb 21
Harper4Georgia HARPER: Update from the Capitol By: Sen. Tyler Harper (R - Ocilla) Recently the Senate completed the 10th... fb.me/H...
01:49PM Feb 01
GAassemblytweet Fire the creator twitter...
02:15AM Jan 31
Harper4Georgia Sen. Tyler Harper Announces Legislation Creating the Outdoor Passport License Program ATLANTA (January 25,... fb.me/7...
09:00PM Jan 29
GAassemblytweet Once again total incompetence twitter...
08:23PM Dec 08
GAassemblytweet Nothing says 'chocolate chip cookie ' like a pic of Oreos twitter...
11:48AM Dec 05

News & Updates

  • Update from the Capitol - 2/13/18

    By: Sen. Tyler Harper (R - Ocilla)

    Eighteen legislative days have come and gone and the pace has definitely picked up under the Gold Dome. We now have a steady routine of passing legislation in the Senate Chamber before adjourning to take part in our many committee meetings. We passed many bills the last two weeks and are on pace to take up quite a few more next week.

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  • Fitzgerald and Nashville Designated as Rural Zones

    ATLANTA (January 19, 2018) | Sen. Tyler Harper (R – Ocilla) recently announced that two communities in Senate District 7, Fitzgerald and Nashville, have been designated as Rural Zones by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).


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