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GASenatePress SB 105 passes #GaJudCmte Subcommittee B and will move to full Cmte. #GaJudCmte adjourns.
11:09PM Feb 22
GASenatePress #GaJudCmte Subcommittee B now hearing public testimony on SB 105
10:31PM Feb 22
GASenatePress #GaJudCmte Subcommittee B now hearing SB 105, sponsored by Sen. Harold Jones II, changing penalties relating to possession of marijuana.
10:18PM Feb 22
GASenatePress SB 176 receives "do pass" recommendation from #GaJudCmte Subcommittee B. Now hearing SB 162, sponsored by Sen. Frank Ginn
10:08PM Feb 22
Harper4Georgia In case you missed it! My budget update. www.wal... fb.me/1...
06:28PM Feb 22
Harper4Georgia Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting the Future Farmers of America to the Capitol! I am proud to be... fb.me/1...
02:16PM Feb 22
GAassemblytweet Giving thanks for the heroes among us.
01:11PM Feb 21
GAassemblytweet Shameful. twitter...
12:57PM Feb 21
GAassemblytweet 0% of all public schools should be in the failing category. It is a disgrace to our children. No chance for a future
09:59PM Feb 20
Harper4Georgia Last week I had the pleasure of recognizing the Georgia Young Farmers Association in the Senate chamber for... fb.me/5...
03:36PM Feb 14

News & Updates

  • Lt. Governor Cagle Pledges to Back the Badge

    Cagle Announces Public Safety and Law Enforcement Officer Initiatives 

    ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2017 - Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, along with several senators, have announced a series of legislative initiatives designed to increase protections for our public safety officers and examine compensation and benefits packages for all local law enforcement agencies.

    Read more...  
  • Update from the Capitol - 2/14/17

    By: Sen. Tyler Harper (R- Ocilla)

    Last week, we had many special guests and passed several pieces of legislation.

    On Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to sponsor Young Farmers Association Day at the Capitol. The Young Farmer’s Association has a long history of providing agricultural education and advocacy programs to benefit farmers throughout the state. As past president, I was pleased to sponsor the GYFA at the Capitol and I thank them for their hard work and service. The Georgia Young Farmers Association was founded in 1970 to serve as the primary adult education delivery system for young Georgian farmers and is now the nation’s largest affiliate. Along with the GYFA, we also had the pleasure of having representatives from Georgia’s 4-H programs stop by the capitol to share a little bit about what they do. It was great to have State President James Hancock of Irwin County speak to the Senate on behalf of Georgia 4-H. Agriculture is the single largest industry in our state and it’s always great to hear from the folks who help make that happen.


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